I have worked in the food industry for over twenty years and learned much along the way.  Food has always been exciting to me, regardless of whether I was engaged in quality, research, production or management; however, as with most of us in life, that is only part of my story.  It took a great amount of time, effort, and sacrifice for me to climb the corporate ladder.  Unfortunately, when a life is out of balance for too long, it inevitably catches up with you, your family and those who depend on you.  To complicate matters, this balance should be maintained between the personal, spiritual and professional spheres of our lives as well.  One of the significant gaps in my family's lives was not spending enough time together while sharing meals around the kitchen table.  We either ate separately, went out or ate in front of the television all too often.  It is a decision I regret and address to the best of my ability moving forward.

It is my belief that eating meals together at home is critical to the meaningful survival of the core social unit - family.  It provides vital bonding opportunities and encourages caring, committed relationships.  Unfortunately in today's society, many professionals are busier than ever with work, caring after their children and/or aging parents, maintaining their homes, networking, and the list goes on.  With that being said, it is my mission through Meals 4 Home to help bridge the familial traditions of the past with the realities of modern life for others.  It is a cause worth self-sacrifice when we can help others where we ourselves have fallen short.  Although our model will not suit everyone's needs, I believe it can help many.

Thank You and God Bless,

Jamie R. Eanes

A Message From The General Manager